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All parent notes should be entered in Skyward. Current and future dates are entered as is.  

Past dates for the previous five (5) can be entered with today’s date and the past date submitted in the comment section.  If entering multiple days that do not connect, an additional entry is required.  

To enter a parent note log into skyward account. Attendance>Absence request>Add absence request>Enter all required information>Save 

You will then be able to see all absences that were submitted. 

Doctor's notes now can be uploaded into the absence request as an attachment

While an absence, for example, was recognized locally and documented with a parent note, it isn't "Excused" by the state's standards and is subject to (FEA) Compulsory Attendance and (FEC) Attendance for Credit. For this reason, it's calculated in the Days Other total.

For verification of absences or request received please refer to family access. 

Please visit the attendance webpage and our parent newsletter to keep up to date!  


Skyward Family Access